Summer fun is just around the corner! Prepare now before you travel to the lake or jump in the RV, so that obstacles from accidents don’t get in the way of a relaxing time. Four out of five people say that being around water helps them to relax. And with people putting more hours into the work day, when it’s time for a vacation or even a day on the lake, you don’t want to be stressed from an unforeseen problem.

Liability insurance is required on any recreational toy to avoid penalties, costly tickets, and offer protection while on the lake or vacationing.  But when deciding on your level of coverage consider possible litigation from a passenger injury, your investment in case of turbulent weather, or even vandalism. Is it worth the extra coverage or are you over-insured?

All risk policies will cover your boat or RV from theft, vandalism, fire, or lightening hitting your toy. They can include personal items that are damaged as well. Is your toy covered from a total loss? Is it the actual cash value or agreed value? Towing coverage is an option also. A vacation can be ruined very quickly when you are left stranded off the side of the road or have to be towed from the middle of the lake. Maybe liability coverage is all you really need. Your independent insurance agent can assess your needs and find the right balance.

Boat Precautions:

  • Let someone know where you’re going and how long you will be gone
  • Must be one lifejacket or flotation device for every passenger on boat
  • Must have a class IV throwable ring buoy on boat
  • Must have a fire extinguisher
  • Keep registration card on boat with current tags
  • An air horn for emergencies
  • Designated captains should refrain from any alcohol while driving the boat.

RV Safety

  • Have at least one smoke alarm, one fire extinguisher, and one carbon monoxide detector in the RV.
  • Practice backing up and parking before planning a trip
  • Check gas system for leaks
  • Check all fluid levels-water, transmission fluid, coolant, and wiper fluid
  • Check air pressure on all tires and the condition of all tires
  • Insure all lights are working. Check brake lights.
  • Make sure tow bar, hitch, and cables are secure

Enjoy your time off and be safe! Lake Conroe has a reputation for the most deaths by drowning of any other Texas lake. Even if you are an experienced swimmer, accidents can occur and you should never go boating by yourself. And your Recreational Vehicle is made for travel, so go for it!

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