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Understanding the Federal Changes in Healthcare

The Republicans, lead by House Ways and Means Chairman, Congressman Kevin Brady, initiated a proposal to abolish the Affordable Care Act. Both the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Energy and Commerce Committee voted to advance the American Health Care Act. This bill eliminates the federal tax penalty for individuals that do not [...]

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Can you do business without TRUST?

Relationships Matter Most There are a lot of people and services that you use everyday that are dependent on trusting the expert. How do you gain that trust? Trust is built on getting to know the person before the business. Your friends will refer people they TRUST and know as a person. Someone that has [...]

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Are you Connected in the Community?

Do you live in Montgomery County or do you do business in the community? Regardless of whether you have a business or you want to meet new people with common interests, you have to make the first move to interact in the community. People with strong ties to their community feel better about themselves, deepen [...]

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